What’s Up at M&H?

Bloody Beauties,

I just wanted to give a little update. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted consistently and here is why!

I am a busy bee right now. When I have time to film, it is not enough for my liking. If I decided to put out looks like I want to, they would be terrible. I wouldn’t like them and you guys would think I stopped caring.

I still care, I still love makeup, and I still love filming. I will never just stop, but this break was needed. I plan on filming AT LEAST once a week from here on out to get myself on a schedule and then you can all get your weekly fix of Morbid and Horrid!

As for this blog, I am going to try my hardest to post the tutorials to each look. I would be lying if I said I will do one for all of them. This takes a lot of time as well. And, I’m pretty sure you want the photos and videos instead!

It’s hard putting the “love of my life” on hold, but it is what it is. It will all be worth it in the end. I do get sad/mad/frustrated when I want to do a look and it’s just not possible, so thank you to my family who gets the brunt of my attitude. I will make it up to you soon!

And I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for sticking around while I’ve been missing! Making content for Social Media is harder and more time consuming than you think, not to mention the stress that comes along with it – constantly checking views, constantly checking follower counts, comparing myself to other creators, having creative blocks – overwhelming. So yes, I love each and every one of you!

I also have lots of fun things coming along, SLOWLY! But 31 Days of Halloween in the works, also some merch coming soon (let me know what you would buy!) and maybe even a new surprise that is in the baby stage still! Exciting stuff.

If you actually read my blog and have gotten this far, just leave me a black heart emoji – It will make my day.

XOXO – Jamielyn

The Bent-Neck Lady

The Haunting of Hill House

This. This was SO MUCH FUN! Now, I am nowhere near the amazing work of Robert Kurtzman but I had a grand time re-creating!

I started out with the (broken neck). I used liquid latex and cotton balls.

Fun back story: I shaved my neck where I wanted to add the cotton because every time I use liquid latex it hurts like a BITCH to get off when I have baby hairs. I used one of my shaving cremes and then I went to start and I got the perfect shape and it wouldn’t stick because the shave crème made my skin all silky smooth, so I had to get up again and scrub the heck out of my neck. LOL okay now on…

I kept building the cotton on top of each other until I got the shape I was looking for. I then added some foundation all over it. I went on to cover my whole face in a white/gray mix of paint all over. I didn’t want to be completely gray but stay a tiny more skin toned as she looks in most parts of the show.

Then I went in with the black. I did some contouring, added smoke to my eyes, and also ran some over the neck area. I also took a crumbles up tissue and dipped it in paint to dab on my chest.

I took another piece of cotton and pulled it apart for my forehead veins. Some of the veins are 3D with the cotton and some are eyeliner, can you tell which is which??

I then (my favorite part) took a toothbrush and dipped it in two shades of brown paint, light and dark, and went HAM. Just sprayed it all over. Honestly I could have probably used a little more. Oh well!

Finishing touches include – Latex on my lips and some black and gray eyeshadow, some black brow pomade in my teeth, and the contacts! What do you think of my work? Let me know!!


Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Cremated

ABH: Brow Pomade


“It’s the hardest thing of all, to let go of someone you love.” – Norma Bates (Bates Motel Series)

Now, THISSSSSS is one of my all time faves! Not only is Bates Motel a show that I would literally watch everyday for the rest of my life, but I had so much fun doing this look. I tried to put together the photoshoot look for the show and also what was actually in the show (if that makes sense lol).

I started out with regular Norma makeup, I should have taken a photo but boo me I did not. Then I added gray paint all over. Instead of painting my face like I normally would, I used a big fluffy brush and tapped it all over my face, neck and chest. I wasn’t going for a full coverage, I wanted to look more, well, DEAD.

I then contoured with a black eyeshadow and also added that to my eyes and mouth. Norma’s body was outside in the snow at one point so I also added white glitter shadow to the brows, nose and lips. And I painted my lashes white as well!

Obviously I had the perfect outfit for this as well, LOOK IT UP 🙂 (Thanks Florence and Janet, RIP)

The contacts really brought this look together.


Jeffree Star: Cremated

Mehron: Paradise Paints

Contacts: TTD EYE

Daenerys Targaryen


Second in my TV Series, Game of Thrones!

Now, I have something to admit. I did not finish this series. I made it to a certain point and stopped watching because I had a hard time understanding what they were talking about LOL. I do want to try again, maybe I can use subtitles this time haha. ANYWAYS…..

Here we have the infamous Dragon Queen! I wanted just the dragon eye originally but I had to add the heart scene as well, how could I not?

This makeup look was extremely simple. I really just did some contouring, I didn’t even use eyeshadow for my eyes, just contour.

For the dragon eye:

I made the scales out of air-dry clay. I let them sit for two days and then painted them red. To put them on my face I attached them with liquid latex and cotton. I only used cotton on the larger pieces because they are heavy and I needed something for them to hold on to.

I then decided to add scar wax on my top brow over the scales. Without it, it literally just looked like I attached clay to my eyebrow lol. I wanted to smooth it out and give myself a protruding brow bone so this worked. I also covered the wax in liquid latex so I could paint over it.

Now, Originally I wanted to paint in between the scales and on my eye but then I thought that would be too dark. Instead I took a black eyeshadow and tapped all over and also smudged a bit. I wanted it to look more on the ashy side.

For the Heart:

I used this heart over Christmas time (Last Christmas I gave You My Heart). I made it out of air-dry clay as well. I took stage blood and stippled it all over my mouth, neck, and chest. Then (with the help of mom, thanks mom!), I covered my hand/arm and the heart in the blood. Now, the blood that I use is not the liquid blood you buy at Halloween time. I use stage blood which looks more realistic and is THICCCCCC and does not dry, hence why I needed some assistance. I think it came our great!


Jeffree Star: Cremated

NYX: Brow Lift and Snatch

Crayola: Air Dry Clay

Ben Nye: Scar Wax

Mehron: Stage Blood

Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

Gemma Teller Morrow

The first of my TV series, one of my all time favorites, Sons of Anarchy. Gemma Teller Morrow.

I am so excited for this series. It will be 4 parts. The video will have two looks, how I started the series and how it ends!

Sorry for the spoiler, but if you haven’t watched it yet, are you even going to anyways?? LOL!

For Gemma I obviously had to do her infamous tattoo. I looked it up and was like how the hell am I going to draw that. So I decided to use my eyebrow pen. I was originally going to use a small brush with black paint but I thought the color would be too harsh. With the brow pen it made it look a little more older and warn. I am happy with that result!

For the bullet hole I used spirit gum and scar wax. This was actually really easy for anyone who would want to do this for Halloween.

As usual, I put down my spirit gum waited for it to get tacky, and then rolled up a ball in the size I wanted the bullet hole to be. Then I stuck the ball to my head and started to smooth the edges down with my spatula and Vaseline. For the middle, I poked a hole and made it larger and also took the sharp side of the spatula to mess it up and make that part jagged.

The outside of the bullet hole I used bruise colors like a deep red/purple eyeshadow and just tap tap tapped. For the inside of the hole I used black paint for depth and then the jagged parts are coveres in a bright red shadow. To top it off, BLOOOOOOOOD! And let it drip drip drip (Encanto Reference haha).

I also tried making my lips look a little gray, you know, cause dead, lol. Easy Peasy!


Mehron: Stage Blood

Ben Nye: Scar Wax

Spirit Halloween: Spirit Gum

Jeffree Star: Cremated, Blood Sugar

NYX: Brow Lift and Snatch

Winter is coming…..

Game of Thrones White Walker

This look haunts me. It has haunted me for a year. Why you ask? Because I have attempted to film this look 4 times. I bought these contacts specifically for it too. I just could not get it right. I am happy how this came out but I want to also re create it sometime in the future. I was actually inspired by a friend to do this look. He made up a GOT rap and it is quite amazing, like all of his work. Check him out here: @iam_thorb

I started out with gluing down the brows and outlining some wrinkle lines and the eyes. I used a brown eyeshadow and a small brush to do this instead of my normal white eyeliner because my base had to be white.

Once I had some lines to work with I filled in with a white creme paint – yes I am still out of my regular paint UGH lol. Then I set that baby with LOTS of powder.

Using creme paint for this look was actually helpful because of all the lines I wanted to make. I kept using the same brush over and over with a tiny bit of gray shadow on it and it smoothed out great. Almost looks like a smoothing photo effect!

I filled in my eyes with black and also did some deep contouring. I tried to make the black darker on the top of the cheek contour to try and make it look like the cheekbones were sticking out and then sunken in. IDK did it even work? Haha.

I added a little bit of blue highlighter to the cheeks and nose to pop it a bit more as well.

Now, these contacts actually are UV and supposed to glow with black light, and they do. But my stupid phone is old and the photos came out like an old MySpace pic.

All in all this was fun, took me HOURS and check out the video on my Tiktok I used Thorb’s song!


Mehron: Creme/Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Artistry Palette/Gag Me Extreme Frost

Spooky Eyes: UV Contacts

Makeup Revolution: Translucent Powder

Tale As Old As Time…

If you know me AT ALL, you know Beauty and the Beast is my favorite and I AM BELLE! Lol. My poor mother had to dress me as Belle for Halloween every single year when I was a kid. I even did sexy Belle in high school haha! ANYWAYS – I took a time machine back to the good old days and wanted to feel like myself again, so naturally, a Belle look helped with that. Don’t worry, I took a picture as regular Belle as well, will post below!

I knew I wanted to do something gory with this, a lot of people do “Beast” scratches or burned by Lumiere. I wanted something different. I went to one of my friends pages to get some inspo and there was a look she did for Christmas that I always wanted to try. She did a Candy Cane going from her forehead through her mouth out of her chin. So cool. I figured this would be a great time to try that concept! Her handle is @AGNISGORE – Check her out she is PHENOMINAL!

I started off with the glam side first. Belle doesn’t wear much makeup, so I went for a more natural look. Just a light brown shadow and a lighter shade on the lid. I added eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.

And yes, the dress is painted on, some people I guess do not know that I paint on 90% of my outfits!

I have a dead rose bouquet, duh what witch doesn’t? So I took one of the roses from that and literally just stuck it to my forehead with liquid latex. I then took some cotton and liquid latex to make it look like it went under my skin. Now, usually I would use scar wax but I ran out. I only have Synwax by Mehron and honestly do not like it. I am probably using it wrong, if anyone has any tips – DM ME!

I went in with some bruise colored eyeshadow and concealer to blend all of that in. For the chin I just liquid latexed the bottom of the stem and also added some cotton for support. Then I put foundation over that incase any white would show.

I cut another piece of stem and that is what I put in my mouth. Super uncomfortable, but way cool!

I also stuck some broken petals on my neck/chest, cause you know, enchanted rose!


Grip Primer/Liquid Liner: E.L.F.

Double Wear Foundation: Estee Lauder

Infallible Concealer/Pressed Powder: L’oreal

Orgy/Blood Sugar/Androgyny VLL: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Lashes/Highlighter: MAC

Contour Age Rewind: Maybelline

Matte Brows: NYX

Liquid Latex/Belle Bun Wrap: Spirit Halloween

Paradise Paints: Mehron

The Press Conference Rag

Roxie Hart

I know I know, I am supposed to be in the middle of my alphabet series, BUT, I needed some time and needed to get inspired. I’ve been a bit absent lately. I sat down to paint and had NOTHING in my head. I have a million looks to do on my list but I just was not feeling any of them. No desire at all. So, I sat for another hour or so contemplating if I would even do a look and then I got inspired, like a sign! I was thinking of one of my favorite movies, Chicago. And the Press Conference Rag is my favorite song from the movie! Then it hit me, do Roxie as a puppet! And here we are.

Okay, so I have never painted ruffles before. I definitely need to practice painting clothing, it is not my strong suit. I find my self getting bored after 3 or 4 hours of painting a dress lol! Like this one. I think for first time ruffles they came out pretty okay!

During this time, I am entered in a contest to be on a new reality shoe called InfluenceMETV! They are trying to find 20 contestants to be on a show and compete for $100k. If you would like to vote for me here is the link!

This look was fun for me because I love this character and this movie. It got me back to not knowing what time it was or how long this was taking!

Who wants a CHICAGO series???

Mehron: Paradise Paints/Stage Blood

Jeffree Star: Jawbreaker/Artistry/Redrum VLL/Gag Me Extreme Frost

Estee Lauder: Double Wear Foundation

L’oreal: Infallible Concealer

TTD EYE: Contacts

J is for Joker

Continuing on with the alphabet series, here is the Joker. I’ve done him in the past so I wanted to do a re-creation. I was torn on doing a full face paint or a full gore look. I decided to go with both.

For the paint side, I started with the mouth. If I have a look with teeth I always do the mouth first. For me, that is the most difficult part. I rough outline the mouth and then draw in all of the teeth. Then I go in with the white for teeth because if I mess up the shape I can always fix it with the gums and outline or shading.

I kind of wish I chose a different shape for the mouth but this is what it is! I then filled in the rest of my face with creme paint (I am still out of water activated paint UGH) and set it with translucent powder.

Then came the eyebrow and the eye. For the brow I just kind of went over my natural shape but made it thicker. And for my eye, I covered the lid and under with black eyeshadow and then scrunched my eye really tight so I could get a wrinkled look to go over. I also took a tiny brush and added enhancement wrinkles all over.

For the gore side, I covered my face with my color powder foundation, just to take away any imperfections of my own and start with a clean base. Then I used rigid collodion to make the scar on my mouth. I did about 3 or 4 layers to really tighten my skin around it. Once that dried I added a little bit of red eye shadow to make it look more like a scar/wound. For my eyes I just did a mixture of gray and dark red eyeshadow. I didn’t want too much because I want the eyes to go more towards the scar. I also contoured in gray and added some little veins in random spots.

I may want to do a full face gore joker, we will see around Halloween time!


Mehron: Creme Paint, Paradise Paints, Rigid Collodion

Jeffree Star: Artistry, Blood Sugar, Jawbreaker

TTD EYE: Contacts


Say hi to my Valentine’s Day Clown! What should her name be?

I was inspired by Ella Does FX for this look! She did a similar one and I put my own style to it.

To start I drew out the heart shape! Then I blocked out my brows. The pink paint went down for my base and I did a tiny bit of nose contour and added a dark pink eyeshadow for blush.

Then I did a smoky eye, I used black for the crease and a dark pink to blend it out and then on the lid blended in a beautiful bright shimmer pink.

A couple of things took me FOREVER. Lol. First was that mouth. For some reason I just could not get the shape right. I stopped counting after 10 so I probably did it about 20 times. It was very frustrating. I think the problem is that I don’t have lips to begin with, so I don’t even have a stencil or a guide, I have to free hand.

Then came the gems. Gems are a SUPER TREND in the makeup world right now so I had to add them. The gems alone took a few hours. I used lash glue to individually glue all of them in place.

For my neck, I dripped some pink paint and then added the gems on top, and obviously had to add the blood somewhere! I love how that tied it together.

I also took a tooth brush and spattered red all over my face for some texture and chest for blood spatter.


Mehron: Paradise Paints, Stage Blood

Jeffree Star: Pink Religion, Cremated, Cavity

TTDEYE: Contacts

Dental Distortions: Pennywise Teeth

Hobby Lobby: Gems

I is for Ironman

This was actually a nice relaxing paint job. I haven’t had a chance to do a look in a few days but I am glad that I’m back. I’ve wanted to do a superhero series but I am just adding them into this series as we go!

I started with the glam side as usual! I just did a transitional look with black, red and gold!

I then mapped out all of the outlines with white eyeliner. I filled in the gold first, then all of the red. The lines on my chest I did with black paint and eyeshadow and on my face with eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner!

To make the ball look like it is glowing I just took a fluffy brush and and dragged the white paint over the black.

And shaded the whole thing with red, brown and black eyeshadow!


Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Artistry, Blood Sugar

Makeup by Mario: Metallics

MAC: Brushstroke

H is for Hellraiser

Hellraiser has been on my list for probably more than a year now! It’s a classic, it had to be on my list lol! I was hesitant because I was worried about how to make the pins.

THE PINS TOOK HOURS!!!! Almost longer than the look! I found a few tutorials on YouTube. I ended up using toothpicks, paint, glitter, and rhinestones.

I cut a bunch of toothpicks in half and then filed them down to flatten them. Then I covered them in white acrylic paint and immediately dipped them in loose silver glitter (so it would stick). I wanted a more glam look for these, hence the glitter. When they were dry, I took a hot glue gun and glued the red gems face up and on the other end, a lighter gem facing the same way. The reds were facing the same way so I could easily stick them on my face and you can see the red.

For the look I had actually run out of white water activated paint so I had to use my white creme paint. If you do makeup, I KNOWWWWWWW you also hate creme paint LOL! I had to set it with lots and lots and lots of powder. I did my eyes in the middle of the paint setting. Just a dark blue smoky eye. I also covered my eyebrows.

Then I went on to add the red lines. I just used a red lip liner to map it out, I knew I was putting blood in those spots so it didn’t need to be perfect.

Next, the stupid pins. OMG they were so hard to work with. I decided to use Spirit Gum because I thought that was my best bet as it is super sticky.

I had forgotten that I had creme paint on, so when I began to add the Spirit Gum and put the pin on, obviously it didn’t stay. What I came up with to fix this issue was to take a q-tip dipped in micellar water and remove the paint in the pin spots. This made the process so much longer because I had to use the wet side and then also the dry side to clean it up and dry the skin. I used a ton of q-tips, SORRY MOM IF YOU’RE READING THIS! Hahahhahah!

When I figured out that obstacle, it started to go as planned, A couple spots like under my eyes where my skin is thin, I couldn’t put pins because they weighed my skin and stretched it down so it looked like they were just hanging off my face. I ended up just adding gemstones to those spots.

Then I added the blood. When I got to this step I knew I should have done the blood and then the pins because then I wouldn’t have missed any spots. Oh well, lesson learned.

I hope you all enjoy this look because I am NEVER recreating it! 🙂

G is for Gargoyle

The literal first word that came to my mind for G in my alphabet series was Gargoyle. And I was not going to change it. I’ve always wanted a big house with many gargoyles. So this is a look that I got to do while thinking of my future goals.

Lets start with the horns. UGH! So, I knew I wanted horns, but I didn’t have any just lying around. I had to make them. If you watch my tiktok, I start out with different ones than in the final look. I hated the first pair I made. I used a cosmetic sponge, one of those cheap white ones. I cut it into a horn like shape and painted it in gray. It was awful, so ugly. I ended up stopping filming and got out my air dry clay. I quickly molded two horns and before they dried I stuck them to my head with liquid latex and then covered the edges in scar wax!

While that all dried, I put down my gray base. I took some time to work on the eyebrow illusion. I wanted it to look like my eyes were more sunken and my brow line was protruding. I think it came out pretty well! I did a lot of shading for this.

I also contoured my face and chest with a dark gray shadow and then some black over it to darken it up.

I am not a huge fan on how my cracks came out. I think they are a bit thick. If I ever do this look again I want to do more cracks, much thinner, and more blended. Not so harsh.

I took a stipple sponge with a dark green paint and randomly stippled to make it look like moss.

I also took my metal spatula and cut up the smooth wax I took so much time on the horns lol. I think the rougher the better for this look! I’m glad I did it.

The last thing I did was take a toothbrush with some white paint and spewed it all over my face and chest to get that stone look.


Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Cremated Palette

Ben Nye: Scar Wax

Crayola: Air Dry Clay

Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

TTD EYE: Contacts

F is for Freddy Fazbear

“Are you ready for some Fazbear Pizza?”

Five nights at Freddy’s is one of the most terrifying games of all time! For those that are not familiar, you are the new security night guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. it is like a Chuck E. Cheese where they host kid parties and have an animatronic show. WELL, at night, the animatronics come alive somehow, and you have to keep yourself alive until 6am. Look it up!

I began with outlining the mouth in white eyeliner. Then I painted around that part all brown. I used concealer to fill in the outside of the mouth because I didn’t have a paint color that I liked for that.

I also blocked out half of my eyebrows to get that more mean shape. I decided instead of painting my eyes like people usually do for this cosplay, to do a glam look. I wanted to practice a brown cut crease and I really like how it came out.

I went with red contacts because sometimes the animatronics eyes turn red. I also had to add the blood spatter, because, well, you didn’t make it out! Muahahaha!


Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Artistry Palette

TTD EYE: Contacts

E is for Elphaba

Green is one of my most loved/most hated colors. I love how I look in green but it STAINS!!! I always need a trillion showers to get it off lol!

This look is very simple! I just began with covering my whole face in green.

Then I used a dark green to contour. At the end I darkened that up with a tiny bit of black.

I did a green cut crease for a glammy look! I wanted to make my natural eye color pop.


Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Blood Money, Sour Ice, Weirdo

D is for Dexter

Slice of Life

Dexter is my favorite show of all time, which means this might be my most favorite look now! I was so excited about Dexter: New Blood coming out and I watched it all already! Michael C. Hall will be at Monster Mania in March and I am hoping I can get his autograph on this and frame it.

This look did not start with makeup, it started with Saran Wrap. I wasn’t sure how to do the background but I just attached it to the top of my backdrop and kept adding. It was not fun, but looks great!

This look was actually very easy and simple. I did a white base for my eyes and the red under, then added blood spatter with a tooth brush and paint. For the lips I did the same. I also contoured with a red eyeshadow.

For the infamous cut on my face I used scar wax.


Mehron: Paint, Blood

Ben Nye: Scar Wax

Jeffree Star: Blood Sugar, Drug Lord

Makeup A Murder: Crime Scene Tape

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Brow Pomade

Estee Lauder: Double Wear

C is for Cheshire Cat

We’re All Mad Here

I wanted to re-create this look again because I was not happy with the last two. Well, my skills have improved since then. This look was a CHALLENGE. It is a very different style than I am used to. I’ve never really done an illusion look before. It is inspired by khaleesiisaa, check her out. Over-all I am happy with the results but if I ever do it again I would absolutely use different techniques than I did here.

Once again, I start out with using a white eyeliner pencil to outline the details. The most difficult thing was drawing the eyes. My placement was off. I drew them about 10 times. Seeing the final look, I still am not happy with the eye shape but it is what it is.

I was actually excited for the mouth because I really need to practice teeth. Teeth are my least favorite thing to paint. I will be doing many teeth looks this year because I would like to master them. I am happy with this mouth!

I filled in the green in the eyes and then worked on the teeth. Before doing the black, I painted all of the pink base. This is so the pink doesn’t mix with the black. Once the base was down, I finished up the mouth.

I used a few different shades of pink eyeshadow and a pointed fluffy blending brush for the pattern. I wanted dimension so I didn’t want to use just one color like I normally would.

THE FUR. I despise painting fur lol! I could not get that part right. I kept taking that off like the eyes. I used so many different brushes that I can’t even tell you which ones were the final use. I definitely want to do some more research on how to paint fur. I will let you know how that goes!


Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Pink Religion, Cremated

B is for BABADOOK!

B in my alphabet series stands for Babadook! I have to be honest, this character has been on my list for at least a year now. My cousin requested it! The reason I haven’t done it yet was because I NEVER SAW THE MOVIE LOL! I took this alphabet series as a chance to do a few things that have been on my list for a while that I would like to check off, and to also do a couple of re-creations. I hope you all will enjoy!

Fist I outlined the mouth with a white eyeliner. Drew in the lips and teeth as well.

I then went on to paint my face and neck white and only covering the eyes a little bit.

Filling in the teeth always takes a while, so that was next. Then outlined the lips and inside of the mouth with black paint. I added the red above the teeth because I thought they needed some dimension. The black was too much.

Shading with black eyeshadow the edges of the mouth and over the teeth as well, so they are not bright white.

For the eyes, super simple. Black paint and black eyeshadow over it!


Mehron: Paint

Jeffree Star: Cremated

TTD EYE: Contacts

A is for Avatar

Welcome to my ALPHABET SERIES! This is a series of looks that I will be doing for every letter of the alphabet. A is for Avatar!

I painted my whole face blue. I used my Mehron palette for this and there are three shades of blue. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use the darkest or medium shade. I ended up going with the medium, royal blue shade so I could make the lines on my face pop enough.

Once the blue was set, I went in with a beauty blender and the lightest blue shade to lighten up where you would usually wan to put concealer. I would suggest using a cream paint foe that part because it was very difficult to do with the water activated one.

I then went in and added the lines. I just googled photos from the movie and also some photos of how other people painted them. I used a dark blue eyeshadow and a small detail/shading brush. I used the least amount of shadow on the brush as was possible. I didn’t want the lines to be too harsh and I wanted them to look more blended and part of my face rather than on my face. I am happy how that came out.

Using the same dark blue eyeshadow foe the lines, I did my eyes as well. and also added a light blue and white glitter for that transition shade.

I did not glue down my brows for this look, I felt there was no need. So I just did my brows as I normally would.

For the nose contour, I had to make it as wide as possible, so I used my eyeshadow as a guide and connected that all the way down the nose.

Foe finishing touches, I added the pink nose and lips and then did all of the little white spots.


Mehron: Paradise Paints

TTD EYE: Contacts

Jeffree Star: Blue Blood, Rose Setting Powder, Cavity Highlighter

Last Christmas, I Gave You My Heart…

But the very next day, you gave it away…

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY BLOODY BEAUTIES! I had to end this year with a gory bang. I hope that I have fulfilled your expectations!

I did the glam first for this look. I just decided to use green and red eyeshadows and went where my brush took me. Originally I was not going for even that eye shape but this is what I came up with!

For the gore:

I took liquid latex and layered that with tissue paper over where my heart would be. I did three layers. Before the last layer was totally dry, I cut a hole in the middle and used my fingers to roll out a bigger hole and made it look like the skin was broken open.

The inside circle got painted black while I covered the edged with my foundation and then filled in the extra spots with red eyeshadow. I used a purply and red shadow foe around the edges.

This look was actually two days in the making, I sculpted that heart out of air dry clay! It was a challenge but I really enjoyed it! I used my water activated paints to paint it and had to let it dry, then when I was filming, I covered my whole arm, hand, and the heart with blood. This was difficult to do with one hand so my mom came to help me out! Thanks mom 🙂

I love how this look came out and I hope you do too!

Chelsey Smith Cosmetics: Wig – “Festive AF”

Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Blood Money, Blood Sugar, VLL – Redrum

Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

Mehron: Stage Blood, Coagulated Blood, Paint

Ben Nye: Scab

TTD EYE: Contacts

Crayola: Air Dry Clay