Tiger Queen

Hey all you cool cats and kittens!

Carole Baskin

So obviously I’ve watched the Tiger King and I just had to do my rendition of Carole Baskin. In this look she got mauled by one of her big cats… oops.

For this look I put on my regular makeup first. Then I went on to draw where I wanted the claw marks to be. Just with some eyeshadow. After that I put liquid latex on my marks I drew and attached ripped tissue, securing the tissue by covering it all with more liquid latex. After it dried, I started to put on red SFX make up down the scars and after that filling the outside with eyeshadow.

When I was done with the eyeshadow I put on my scab blood (my favorite part!) and then I had Carole Baskin who was betrayed by her big cat! All products are listed below!

Eyeshadow: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar

Latex: Spirit Liquid Latex

Scab Blood: Ben Nye

SFX Red Paint: Nyx Cosmetics

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Queen

  1. I finished tiger king the other week and all I can say is, they’re all as crazy as eachother. It totally blew my mind how people so messed up can sit with so much confidence, as though they were doing any good around the zoo. Also the makeup looks insane, you’re so talented! x

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