Queen of Hearts

So. This was actually one of my most difficult looks! It took a few hours. I started with my FAB body paint and painted my face white. Then I did my eyeshadow and used the Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette and the contour with the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar palette. I used FAB paint to do my eyebrows and lips because it popped more. I outlined my lips with my handy dandy MAC liquid pen eyeliner. Then set my face with NYX SFX setting powder.

The hard part was getting the cards to stay on. I started with my next. I tried just the liquid latex at first and that was not working at all. Then I put liquid latex on the edge of the card that I wanted to stick to my neck with some tissue. The tissue helped connect the card to my skin. And I needed a generous amount of the liquid latex for it to work. But once I figured out the first card it got a little easier. Once it was fully dry they stayed on pretty well.

Then I went on to do the usual bloody looking makeup. I used browns and reds from the Blood Sugar Palette where all of the cards were touching my skin. Then went over it with Ben Nye Scab Blood.

Definitely one of the hardest but one of my favorite looks’

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