Seven Deadly Sins

I’ve been wanting to do this one for a while now. I haven’t had much time though. So I thought I would bang it out. It took me about 10 hours. This one was really fun to do because of all the different looks. I also did some new things that I don’t usually do like use food and draw animals! Enjoy.


This one was by far my favorite out of all of them! Drawing the donut was a little difficult for me because I am not an artist by any means. This is new to me. But I did latex REAL sprinkles on my face! That was also difficult. I had to find the right technique but I eventually figured it out. I also had some left over rock candy to add to it.


Pride was hard not in technique but just to come up with something. I knew that pride is represented with the color purple so I decided to just use a bunch of purple for my contour and eyeshadow. I had some black gems that I felt went well with the look and my beads. This was more of a simple look.


Wrath is more my style. I like the darker makeup. I went with an upside down pentagram to represent that. The blood made it look like it was cut into my forehead. I just bought new black lipstick from MAC too so I was excited to use that! I outlined the pentagram in white eyeliner and then went over it with scab blood for this look.


At first I had no idea what I was going to do for lust. One time I took some lace underwear (lol) and dabbed it with black eyeshadow all over my face. So I remembered that and that is how I came up with this look. I feel like lust and lace go hand in hand. Then a cut crease for the dramatics.


So greed did not work out how I planned!!! I wanted some MAJOR gold contouring and all over the place but unfortunately the gold body paint I had on hand did not suffice and I had to switch it up. I did a little gold contour with some eyeshadow but you couldn’t really see it in the photos. That’s okay. I copied my wrath idea and put the bloody dollar sign for some extra pizzazz.


Sloth I chose blue because blue is a lazy color. We all like to be lazy every once in a while. I originally wanted to add some bruises but I thought that this was pretty on its own. I think the lines really brought out what I was going for. This was also fairly easy because I just had to cover my face with blue. I used eyeshadow instead of body paint this time so it would be softer.


So envy was also a new thing for me. I think that if I practiced more I could make this look much better. This was my first time actually drawing some kind of animal on myself. It looks like a cartoon but it gets the point across right!?


All body paint: FAB

All Eyeshadow: JEFFREE STAR

All Lips: MAC

All Blood: Ben Nye

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