Siren Songs

This one took me a good three hours! I’ve been wanting to do it for so long now. It’s been a trend in TikTok and I liked watching all of those videos.

I had a good time with this look. I started out painting my whole face, chest, and shoulders in a tealish green color. It looked a bit streaky and I just wasn’t feeling it so I decided to take a light blue and add some texture to it. I used a makeup sponge on the square side and started dabbing the light blue everywhere. I LOVE the texture look that it created! After that I used some molding wax, which I have no idea how to use so I should look that up lol, to create the gills. I rolled up the wax to the size I wanted and stuck them on my face with liquid latex. And then continued to cover them in the liquid latex.

While letting the gills dry, I just did a simple smoky shadow and cut crease. I used a light and dark purple, and a navy blue. For the crease I just used a pigmented sparkly white. After that I used the light purple eyeshadow from my eyes to do some contouring. The way that the shadow reacted to the paint was awesome. It turned this darker purple blue color that blended well with the look. The eye shadow doesn’t look that color on my eyes because I did not cover my eyes with the body paint!

After I was finished contouring I painted my gills purple and added some scab blood. Because you know, sirens aren’t all that nice! And I also painted my eyebrows purple, same as the gills. Slapped on some lashes to fine tune my eyes as well! I also took a pair of fishnet stockings and held them on to my forehead and dabbed a neon yellow color for a scaly look. I also added a little bit of that same yellow to my contour. I used some Halloween store spray temporary color to cover the blonde part of my hair to tie in the look. I also sprayed my hair down with water to get the “I just rose from the water to charm you” look. I have yellow contacts but they ripped :(. So I just edited my eyes to the same color as the contacts, works just as well and I didn’t have to poke myself in the eye!


BODY PAINT: FAB in Colors – Mint Blue 215, Alice Blue 216, Purple Rain 238

EYES & CONTOUR: Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette Colors – Gum Drop, Bite Me, Delicious

FOREHEAD: Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette Color – Food Videos

WAX: Ben Nye Nose and Scar Wax

LATEX: Ben Nye Liquid Latex

BLOOD: Ben Nye Fresh Scab

HAIR: Fright Night Temporary Hair Color in Gory Grape

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