Oogie Boogie

Well well well…

The nightmare before Christmas is back! Can you tell how much I love this movie?? Okay so a warning here… I took a lot of pictures this time.

So you will get spammed with photos in this post. #sorrynotsorry. Well, let’s get started!

First I took some liquid liner ( now usually I would use white eyeliner but I broke mine ) so black it is, and I outlined the eyes and mouth. The mouth I just did little lumps and it looked messy. Then I pained myself green, but not inside of the outlines. After that I felt like I needed some texture so I took a brown paint and started to dab it but I hated it. So I took that off. I ended up using a makeup brush and dabbing brown eye shadow instead. That worked much better.

Once I was all green and brown I drew the lines all over my chest. I tried to draw patches that looked like dice rolled in snake eyes but I’m not that great of an artist like that so this is what it looks like lol. It is what it is, I am learning. Then I pained my eyes and mouth black. I drew in the outer part of my mouth as I was filing it in so it would flow.

The. I drew the shape of oogie’s head on my head for a little extra bam. I took some white paint and highlighted everything for some texture. I also took some gold eyeshadow and rubbed it all over. Nose, contour, everything. And then I spray painted my hair with temporary green Halloween spray.





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