Pumpkin Queen

I’ve been wanting to put my own twist on pumpkin makeup for a while now. Originally I was going to do a full face but I changed my mind. I like half face makeup sometimes because it actually gives me more to work with because I get a “seam.” This look took longer than usual because I finally got to play with my scar wax which I haven’t gotten to do yet! It was hard at first but I got used to it.

I started out by drawing the triangle and the seam with concealer. I usually do this with white eyeliner but I broke mine so oops. After I did that I put spirit gum where I wanted to put the wax. Only in the spots I was working with. I took Vaseline and covered my fingers and tools in it because the wax is EXTREMELY sticky. I rolled up a little bit of the wax and attached it to my lines and then began massaging into my skin into the shape I wanted. Then I took my metal tool and made a line down all of them to look like a scar. I covered the edges in liquid latex to lock it in.

After that I started my paint. Orange first and then the black for my eye. I also pained black in the middle of my scars. In other looks that makes them look deeper. I then outlined them with some reds and purples eyeshadow. Then I went to the mouth. I don’t have a paint brush that I like yet for such intricate features so I used liquid eyeliner to do the mouth. I just free handed it to see what worked! I then filled it in and went over most of it with paint.

Once I finished the mouth I started to work on my normal makeup. I just did your regular smoky eye, contouring, and threw on some lashes. Easy Peasy. After that was done I just did some finishing touches like some brown eyeshadow all over for some dimension, pumpkin lines, and a skull nose. And there you have it! You could do this look without the gore easily and use it for any Halloween event!


SPIRIT GUM: Spirit Halloween




ALL EYESHADOW: Jeffree Star Cremated, Blood Sugar




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