Candy Cane Oops…

So I tried this look TWICE! I just could not get it right. It was actually pretty frustrating. I am new to body paint so I’m not very good at patterns and techniques yet. I thought the candy cane pattern would be easy. Nope not for me. I outlined the bottom half of my face with white paint and then decided it would be easier to paint the whole thing white and then add the red. I set it with setting powder. For the red I chose two different sized brushed. I fist used the larger brush to do the first line in the middle of the pattern so I would work outward. I kind of wish I used an even smaller brush for the smaller lines because it would have looked more crisp. But now I know for next time. I kept having to go over the lines because they were turning a bit pink because of the white paint. So that is also why they are thicker than I would have liked. But that’s okay! Once o finished the pattern I outlined the drips with a white eyeliner. And then took some brown shadow to the bottom to give it some dimension. Once that was done I thought my eyes looked a little messy so I decided to add eyeshadow. Just a simple red and brown. Then I glued lashes on and painted them white. I thought that effect would make them pop better.

Then came the candy cane. This part was also frustrating because the candy cane was so heavy! I couldn’t get it to stay. Hence why I am holding half of it. It took be about an hour and a half to get the end of the candy cane to stick to my face and not fall off. I dipped the end in liquid latex and then attached some cotton to it. I then (with liquid latex) attached some to the spot on my face where I wanted it. Then I had to just keep layering. And layering. And layering. Waiting for the latex to dry took a while as well. Once I could finally let go of the candy cane it would keep tugging down and falling off. So it took a few tries. But it finally dried. I tried to do the same with the top of the cane but that was WAY heavier and it was just not working. So I decided to paint on the blood in that spot and just hold it there, I had completely lost patience by then. I’ll have to shine up on my stocking things to my face skills. Then I added a wig and a hat and there you go! Happy December first and Merry Christmas!








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