I’m Melting

Wicked Witch of the West

I am loving this look! This was inspired by FancyFlutie! Her work is amazing and I wanted to try something better than just a plain old witch!

I started out by drawing my eye in a white eyeliner. Just the outline where I didn’t want to paint green. Then I painted my whole face green.

When that was finished I did a black and glitter Smokey eye on my glam side with some lashes.

I then filled in my other melting eye white and painted an eyeball in it. Added some red veins. It looks a little funky now that I’m looking at it lol. Only glance quick!

Then the top of my eyelid is painted red and the crease has some painted on eyelashes for the illusion of my eye ball melting out of my head. Yum.

I added some slime lines and filled them in with some black shading. Popped on my wig and witch hat and there she is!!

Also here is some Dorothy for you




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