The Ringleader of South Circus Street

A fictional story of my character that I created. Enjoy! – Jamielyn ❤

Meet the Ringleader of South Circus Street. When she stares at you, she stares through you. Stone cold and ugly. She has the loudest mouth you will ever hear; how do you think she got her job? She may look superior and act as though she belongs above you during the show, but behind the scenes, is a different story. She is so evil that no one says her name…

Welcome to South Circus Street! Located in an exceedingly small town where everyone knows each other. South Circus Street is where all of the circus performers live. They were all happy and living their best lives, until the Ringleader took over their show. She was nice at first. She would deliver treats up and down the block. Sounds nice right? No. It is all a ploy. The performers started to notice she would invite people over and have constant, loud conversations. Conversations that you really couldn’t get out of even if you were trying to leave. Some people were annoyed by this, but it was harmless, wasn’t it? Little did the performers know, they were in for a massive change and their lives took a turn for the worst.

The Ringleader started to turn the performers against each other. She thought it was good for the show, you know get that adrenaline going. She started to hold herself on a much higher pedestal than she ever deserved to be on. She made friends with some performers but not others. But she started to call all of them Freaks. This became the norm.

The Freaks learned to live with their new miserable boss lady. They really had no choice. The money was good enough to stay but not good enough to leave. This was also all they knew.

Not only did the Ringleader turn all of the Freaks against each other, but she also began to harass some of them. She really is the cruelest most nasty bitch you will ever meet.

The Ringleader knew how to play her game and play it well. She kept certain Freaks close to her. Invited them over for after show drinks and parties. Even the ones that hated her for years. She really knew how to keep it nice and fake. They also started to huddle in the street at random times of day. Most Freaks were working on choreography and new performances but the Ringleader and her special Freaks apparently never had to do that so they would wreak havoc on the street instead of working. Not only were they in the street, but the Ringleader was so loud she’s the only one you can hear. There could be ten Freaks with her all talking, and you would only hear her. The hard-working Freaks didn’t even try to close their windows because the evil cackle and boring conversation always came through. The Ringleader has a boyfriend. He is a mute, well that’s what she says. He is no mute, he is a puppet! She started her career as a ventriloquist. She would work every weekend, meet lots of people. But her personality was so horrid and vile that no man ever wanted to take her home. It was always just her and the puppet. She likes him because can’t talk back and he agrees with everything she says. True love. Too bad it’s impossible to marry a puppet, he probably wouldn’t marry her anyway.

The Ringleader thinks that she is the queen of the circus. Her Freaks follow her around, just like little minions. Listening to all of the bull shit that she spews. But they have to, if they don’t, they will get stuck in her wraith. And none of them wanted that. For the ridiculously small number of Freaks that only have tolerated her for years, for work, they laugh. They watch her run the circus (into the ground), and boss all of the Freaks around and think about how miserable they all must be. Poor Minion Freaks. No one in their right mind would befriend such a poorly mannered human being, and her puppet.

The Quiet Freaks (the ones that do not associate with their boss), ended up in a horrible situation. They were being framed by the Minion Freaks!! The Minions made up a rumor that the Quiet Freaks stole their new act. Now this was a surprise because all of the Freaks usually got along. The Quiet Freaks were taken back by this. Once the Ringleader found out what the Minions came up with, it was over for the Quiet Freaks. The Minion Freaks were just mad because they lost out on wages that night and they were money hungry at the time. The real story is that the Quiet Freaks actually choreographed that act, they are not liars nor thieves. The Minions did not care, they only cared about themselves and their money and were just trying to find something to complain about. Pretty pathetic.

Because of this situation, the Ringleader decided to join the Minions in hatred. The Ringleader always puts herself in everyone else’s business because the circus has to revolve around her, at work and at home. She was relentless, she took over the whole situation and made is 100 times worse. You would think that this is how she got her name. She got all of the Minions and other Freaks to bully the Quiet ones. She orchestrates scenarios to purposefully bully and harass. That’s what she is good at.

The Quiet Freaks ended up quitting the circus. They tried to make it right more than once, but they gave up. They decided that they do not need toxic co-workers in any part of their life. The circus was not their home anymore, their home on South Circus Street was not their home anymore either. They are still harassed, but now by all of their old co-workers, including the Ringleader, every day.

More and more townies and fans of the South Street Circus were hearing what was going on, both sides. Most started to see the Ringleaders true colors. Less and less people were coming to visit South Circus Street and the Circus. Mostly because they were tired of being stopped by the Ringleader who was constantly begging for attention.

The sight was so pathetic that it became funny. The Freaks were not the problem, the Ringleader was. And not to mention also completely unstable and mentally disturbed. I guess that is what happens when you fiend for all the glory and the best circus in town while not being able to control your disgusting actions.

After people found out who the Ringleader really was, her circus was cancelled, for good. She had no ticket sales at all. She stayed living on South Circus Street with the few Freaks that were left of her Minions. She continued to harass the Quiet Freaks to no end. But the Quiet Freaks stayed because they knew she couldn’t stand them. She has no life of her own and lives with a puppet so she also continued to butt in to other peoples business. The Freaks see her drag her puppet every where she goes, he is looking a little raggedy from that, but everyone needs moral support I guess, even if it is forced.

Townies also completely stopped visiting South Circus Street. They couldn’t take The Ringleaders shenanigans any longer.

As for the Quiet Freaks they are still being harassed from the years before. Although it is infuriating, they stand their ground. They know many things that the Ringleader does not know so that is enough for them to live on next to this wretched woman. It will all backfire one day, and when that day comes, the sun will shine, the bells will ring, AND THE SHOW WILL GO ON…….







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