Us – The Tethered One

I had SO much fun with this look!! Blumhouse Productions is doing a makeup challenge. To choose one of their movies and create a makeup look inspired by it! I chose “Us”. I absolutely love this movie. It’s so creepy and gory, right up my ally. I will not spoil any of the movie for those who have not seen. If you’ve seen it you’ll know why I chose to make this look! Let’s get started.

I did the burns first. Of course after blocking out my brows. I chose where I wanted the burn to be and laid down Vaseline. This helps with not pulling off baby hairs when I take it off. I layered liquid latex. About two coats. Then I put ground coffee all over a wet layer. After the coffee I topped another layer of liquid latex. Once it was half dry I took the sharp side of my spatula and poked some holes.

I took a light brown paint and filled in all of the holes I made as well as smearing it around the edges. I then just painted over the whole thing with a bunch of colors. Red, purple, black, brown.

Once that stuff was all down I started my chest. The people in the movie just wear red jumpsuits. I’m not too great at painting clothes yet so all you got was a collar haha. Sorry!

I went to the other side of my fave and started my 11:11. I put down another layer of Vaseline and also a layer of liquid latex. Then I flattened out a square of scar wax. I put that on and smoothed it all out with Vaseline. I then took my spatula and carved out 11:11. After that I painted it red with paint.

After the red was all set I put on the finishing touches. BLOOOOOD! I used scab blood on my burns and inside of my 11:11. And stage blood for the drips. I also stipple sponged some red everywhere.

The scissors are a real replica prop!! I have a horror box subscription to Bam Box and this was in one of them. CHECK THEM OUT! They have horror, geek, gamer, comics and all kinds of fun things.





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