Hi! I’m Chucky, Wanna Play?

I’ve been waiting to do Chucky for a while now. I know I wanted to use scar wax but I wasn’t really getting the hang of it yet. I still haven’t but I needed something to challenge myself so here we are.

Obviously I had to do Tiff too so here she is before I start:

I did Tiffany so I could make my transitions on TikTok more interesting.

For Chucky, he took me about 5 hours. Scar wax is not easy to work with. So most of my time was that. I began drawing out lines with brown eyeliner where I wanted to cuts to be. I just copied a picture of Chucky from one of the movies. Then I started to roll up scar wax. You have to use Vaseline or else it will stick to everything and you can’t get it off of your fingers either. To secure the spot I want, I lay down one layer of liquid latex to put the scar wax on top of. This also helps with taking it off.

Using one of my spatulas, the sharp end, I dip it in Vaseline and then make the cuts in the scar wax.

So usually I don’t have to blend the color because it matches my skin but I realized that after taking photos, the wax is lighter than me and I should have blended it. This is because I was in the sun all weekend so I am a little darker than usual. Oh well.

I put eyeshadow on my glam eye, I can’t even really call that glam. I was originally going to put nothing on it but last minute I decided to just throw some shadow on to bring in the look.

I then painted my chest. Still not too great at that but when you don’t have the outfit you can just paint it on right?

Once all of that was finished I put in my contacts and then added blood. I always add the blood last so it looks fresh for my videos and photos.






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