Star-Struck & Soul-Sucked

I made this look for the Mehron Animal Makeup Challenge. This is my entry for water. I wanted to do a dead look and I came up with a soul sucking starfish. It latches on and sucks the soul right out of you.

I began by outlining the shape of my starfish. I chose this because I thought it could be a little simple but also challenge me as I’m not great at drawing yet. Once I got my shape I filled it in with purple. I chose purple because why not!? Purple is fun and I wanted to wear my pink wig.

I shaded the inside and outside to give some dimension. I then went on and painted my face and chest gray. For this I used a lot of water and did it in two layers to get that dead looking color. The first layer was really thin and then the second layer finished it off. I also took a fluffy brush dipped in water and made circular motions everywhere. That’s how I got my base.

When that dried I contour and shaded. I also did my glam eyes. I wanted my fave to look kind of dark and slightly sunken in, you know, no soul.

I went back and finished up my eyes and then added white spots on my starfish. I did this last to make sure the purple was all dry and set so my white would pop. Also for video edits.

I then added some stage blood around the starfish because obviously I had to use my blood! And there you have it. My soul sucking starfish. Enjoy!





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