HAZEL (South Circus Street Part II)

Meet Hazel. She grew up on South Circus Street. Hazel didn’t always look like this. She used to be a sweet, beautiful, happy performer. Until the Ringleader had something to say about it.

Hazel was a part of the street and friends with all of the freaks in her hay day. This was a time when no one even really liked to or spoke to the Ringleader, lets say a time before the Ringleader BECAME the Ringleader.

Even during the happier times, Hazel put on a fake smile. The Ringleader used to bore her to death with ridiculous conversations which either had no meaning or were just about herself. She loved talking about herself. Hazel realized that she couldn’t even get a word in so she put on her fake smile. Which made the situation even worse, was that not only did they both live on South Circus Street, they were immediate neighbors. So it was literally IMPOSSIBLE for her to get away.

Hazel was getting tired of the FAKE so she decided to pull back, like not go outside when the Ringleader was out there so she didn’t have to speak to her.

Hazel was having an issue lately, and she could not pinpoint where it was coming from. Her acts (that were personally choreographed by herself) were showing up in random shows. She never even got them on stage and they would already be out and someone else performing. It was the oddest thing. Not to mention, she was also starting to feel sick.

Everyone on South Circus street was connected to an underground filtering system. This system gave every one circus juice! It was so yummy. Circus juice was a red, fruity, refreshing drink that kept all of the performers and freaks going, they all basically could not live without it. Lately, Hazel was noticing a weird taste in her circus juice. She let it go for a while but it got to the point where she was getting itchy and sickly. So she asked a few other freaks if they had a weird taste as well and they said no. So, she called the CA (Circus Association), to report her tainted juice and while she had them on the phone, mentioned her original acts being stolen.

The investigators came out and told her that she was being poisoned by fellow freaks! They tested her juice and followed the filtration system to the culprits home. She was shocked when she found out who they were, they were long time friends. What a shame. You know what they say, jealousy is the ugliest trait. Hazel was lucky she didn’t die from the poison they were sending her way. The investigators also found out that the same friends installed a camera system and pointed it right at Hazel’s rehearsal room in her home. How much dirtier can you get? Hazel felt violated. She still does to this day.

Apparently the freaks who tried to poison Hazel got a big fine, as they should. That was the end of their friendship though. They were not very nice after even Hazel, the poisoned one, was ready to forgive. Well, tough shit for them, goodbye!

One day, not long after the poison party, a rumor started to fill South Circus with whispers all around about Hazel. An untrue rumor, obviously. This rumor was made by the couple of freaks that were sour about Hazel’s life and performance reviews. You know, the ones that POISONED her. They made up a lie that she had reported them to the CIRCUS ASSOCIATION for stealing her act and attempting to poison her. This was not true at all. Hazel did not report any one, especially on her street, she just put in a request to find the person that was selling her acts to their competitors for big bucks and then trying to kill her. I think that seems pretty fair. They were mad they got caught. Hazel didn’t even tell anyone about which is the funny part. They talked shit and Hazel was about to get reamed for it….

The funny thing about this was that Hazel was completely innocent. But the story being told is so twisted that nobody knows the truth because no one would even ask her what happened. They just took one side. Even people she doesn’t know hate her because they failed to even talk to her.

It’s pretty sad how influenced people can be about something that is NONE OF THEIR GOD DAMN BUSINESS.

The Ringleader got a whiff and ran with it. She became the most horrid, disgusting, faker than ever, piece of shit you could ever run in to. Mind you, the Ringleader had a long life already, she is an OLD ugly woman. The Ringleader decided to make Hazel’s life hell. She took the matter into her own hands and ganged up on her.

If you want to know more about the Ringleader’s story, check out this earlier blog post called “The Ringleader.”


The Ringleader began to egg her on like there was no tomorrow. Every time Hazel came outside the Ringleader made sure she was out there too. She would stare at Hazel, like STARE at her. She would have conversations out front of their homes with other freaks and blatantly point at Hazel or her house. She would scream up and down South Circus Street at ungodly hours in the morning waking Hazel after working all night long. She also lets little freaks come to her home and reek havoc. She leaves them outside all alone while they scream bloody murder, throw rocks, and run around with no one watching them. The list goes on.

Hazel was over it. She started to go crazy with the whole situation. If everyone hated her, then she hated them back.

Hazel RIPPED off her fake smile and now walks around as you see here. Blood constantly dripping out of her scars as a side effect of the acute poisoning. She lives everyday not giving a single fuck about what anyone thinks of her anymore. She also quit the show and made her own, which will be more successful.

Hazel still resides on South Circus Street so they all have to look at her. Even though she is not part of that “show” if you can even call it that, little do they know, what Hazel has up her sleeve, HER FACE WILL SOON BE EVERYWHERE AND THEY WILL HAVE TO CONSTANTLY BE RIMINDED OF HOW THEY MADE HER ACHIEVE MORE THAN THEY COULD EVER IMAGINE.

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