A Pirate’s Life

AHOY MATEYS! Welcome to the Ghost Ship, I will be your captain through this make-up tutorial.

Let me start off by saying this look did not turn out how I was expecting it to, so I am adding it to my “Re-Create” list. BUT, I do like it!

I started out drawing veins with white eyeliner, lots of erasing and re drawing, who knew little squiggly lines could be so time consuming. Once those were down, I added about 4 layers of liquid latex on them. I wanted the veins to pop a little bit more than just eyeliner and paint.

I was trying to go for a water logged, dead body look. so I stippled three layers of color all over that side of my face. I began with a lime green, when that dried I did a dark purple, and then when that dried, black. When the paint was all dry, I went over all of the veins with a darkish blue eyeshadow. I didn’t want to use black because then they would be too dark.

I added some little yellow foam balls and green crystals to add to the blotched water effect.

For the other side, I did a simple dark smoky eye with a little bit of glitter. I wanted a little extra pop so I added the red contact to go with the blood effect. I wasn’t originally going to put the blood on my neck, I was going to do tears but I feel like I do that too much LOL. I mean it is kinda my thing, but I wanted this look to be different.

At the end I added clear hair gel to the water side to make it look wet.







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