Do you like scary movies?

Scream is not only one of the best slasher movies EVER, but also one of my faves. This look is inspired by my favorite pair of pants from the Little Shop of Gore. Please check them out!!

Starting off, I outlined where ghostface would be going on my face. Mouth first, then nose and eyes. The eyes I kept erasing because I just couldn’t get the right shape and I ended on this shape because it was as good as its going to get lol!

I filled in all of the black parts first. So, all of the features, and my chest and neck. Sometimes the black gets streaky so I like to let it set and go over it a few times.

I filled in the rest of the face neon green with pigments from Makeup A Murder and their mix, Chemical X.

I then went in for a little bit of details and shading. Not too much though because it was looking weird under the black light. I actually got rid of some of my shading for that reason.


Body Paint: Mehron

Neon Pigment: Makeup A Murder

All Shading: Jeffree Star Cremated

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