Witch Bitch

This is my version of a witch. I mean, I am a witch so this was not hard for me lol. I wanted it to be subtle and glam and obviously on the dark side.

I started with a black base from my forehead to my nose. I went a little lower than I wanted to but that is because I did not take the fade into consideration. I knew I wanted to do my lips, so that is why.

I took a glitter shadow to my eyes. Now I thought about doing a white cut crease but again, I wanted to keep it dark so I opted to just use the glitter shade.

I added white to my brows because it looked funny with them just black. And that little bit of white makes it pop just enough.

I took my spoolie and dipped it in my white paint and spattered it everywhere using my nail. I love this because it looks like stars to go with my moon.

If you know me, you know I LOVE the moon! That is really what this look was based on. I knew I wanted some kind of moon involved.

Popped in my contacts to keep the dark theme and I think this came together really well!


All Body Paint: Mehron

All Shadow/Shading: Jeffree Star Cremated

Lips: Weirdo Jeffree Star VLL

Contacts: TTD EYE

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