The Black Dahlia

Going back to my love for AHS – Here we have Elizabeth Short A.K.A. The Black Dahlia. Elizabeth Short was murdered in 1947, her body was mutilated and the case is still cold.

I used scar wax for this look. We all know hoe I feel about scar wax LOL. It’s a love/hate relationship! I am actually running out I need more.

I put down a layer of Liquid Latex where I was going to put the Scar Wax. It helps it stick in place. I use Vaseline to maneuver the wax in the shape that I need and to make it blend with my skin. I also took my metal spatula and ran the sharp part down the middle of each scar, then covered with another layer of latex.

While letting that dry, I did a quick glam look. I did not want to take away from the cuts so I stuck to a light neutral eye look.

When the latex finally dried, I put a dark brown eyeshadow in the deep cuts. Then a dark purple/pink shadow on the outside of the cuts.

I took some time to blend that as best I could. Then I just strategically added my stage blood. To finish this look, I made some drips on the neck part. It just looks better with more gore!


Scar Wax: Ben Nye

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween

Stage Blood: Mehron

Eyes/Lips: Jeffree Star Orgy/VLL Unicorn Blood

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