Say hi to Jack’s little bestie ghost doggie, Zero! Zero is such a small character but holds such a big spot!

I started with a white base. I HATE WHITE BASES! They are the most difficult color to work with. Well, any light color. It’s always streaky. Wanna know the secret? Set with powder and shadow and……RING LIGHT! Yes, the ring light washes all of the streaks out. Like magic!

When my base was set, I colored in my collar because that was the easy part. Then I moved up to my eyes. I washed off my eyes, twice. Yes twice. I just could not get the size I wanted. They kept getting too big. So frustrating.

Once I finished my annoying ass eyes, I went to the mouth. This was a little easier.

I always have an issue with mouth things because I have no lips. So I ALWAYS have to over line and over draw. It is very tedious. Once I got my lip shape it was smooth sailing.

I did my nose last because that seemed the easiest. My cute little Jack O’ Lantern nose!

I put in black contacts because I think that it brought the look together, Zero’s eyes are black in the movie.


All Body Paint: Mehron

All Shading: Jeffree Star Blue Blood

Contacts: TTD EYE

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