I love how this look came out, it is STRANGE and UNUSUAL…get it? Lol.

This look was inspired by vocallyshook, check her out!

I began with outlining my eyes and mouth. Then went in with the white base, once again. See a pattern yet?

The mouth was the first detail. I started with just black lines then I shaped them into a bit more of a circular shape to look like teeth. Filled them in gold and then set them with a yellow gold eyeshadow. I also shaded the black with black shadow as well.

The eyes I just filled in all purple and set with a shimmer purple shadow. Same for the nose.

I dabbed some left over purple all over my face so it would look a little dirty but also give it some dimension.

Then, I took neon green pigment and dabbed it where all of the green spots are. Once that was done, I mixed it up to be a paint and stippled the green over the spots again. I wanted it to look more full than what the stipple sponge alone gives.


All Body Paint: Mehron

All Eyeshadow: Jeffree Star Jawbreaker

Neon Pigment: Makeup A Murder

Contacts: TTD EYE

Pillow: Little Shop of Gore

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