“Let’s Draw Straws”

Lock, Shock and Barrel were super fun to do! I almost did not do them because I could not find the masks. When it doubt, AMAZON!

Each look was basically the same thing with different shapes/colors.

I started each look out by drawing the mouth and teeth. This part always takes the longest. We all know how much I hate drawing teeth lol. But I make myself because I need to practice and get better at it.

Once the mouth was outlined I went in with my white base. Then also colored in the teeth. I like to do white first because then when I go in with black, I can make all of the edges sharper and even change the shape if I want.

When I am done with the mouth I move on to the eyes. For all three looks I just used eyeshadow and some eyeshadow bases. I also had my brows glues down in all looks.

The contacts always make the look come together. I put them in at the end which is always a poor decision because sometimes my eyes water and ruin the paint lol. But while I am filming TikToks, I like the contacts to only be in the last frame for a fun surprise. I guess that is the price I will continue to pay!


All Body Paint: Mehron

All Shadow/Shading: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar, Blue Blood, Jawbreaker

Contacts: TTD EYE

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