Nightmare on MY Street

Freddy Kreuger

This look what honestly SO much fun for me! I have never done Freddy before so I couldn’t decide how I wanted to go about this. Obviously I had to go the ultimate SFX way.

I could have painted everything easily, but noooooooo, I wanted to stick shit to my face LOL.

I began drawing out the shapes that you see in red. just kind of looked at a picture from the movie and drew random similar shapes. Then, I took cotton and latex and filled in all of the skin around those shapes. Um, let’s not even talk about me ripping this off…

While I waited for the liquid latex to dry, I painted on my sweater. This was easy. Just some stripes and filling in with color and shading. I wanted it to look like one of those cute Halloween store off the shoulder costumes.

When the latex finally dried, I put my color foundation all over my face so everything was the same color. Then, I filled in all of the holes with my zombie cream paint. I used this paint because it is thicker than my other paints and I wanted you to see the depth.

Once those were filled in, I took a red eyeshadow and dabbed it all over. For irritation. I then took a brown eye shadow and started coloring in everything around the shapes. I liked it but it was not dark enough to my liking, so I decided to take a crumpled tissue and dip it in my black and brown water activated paints and dabbed everywhere. This made it a bit darker and I liked it better.

I played around with that side of my face for a while but once I was happy I moved on to the glam side. Just did a regular brown smoky eye and some contouring, bronze, highlight.

To finish off my look I added the hat and glove!


Body Paint: Mehron

All Eyeshadow/Shading: Jeffree Star Cremated, Blood Sugar

Liquid Latex/Zombie Paint/Hat/Glove: Spirit Halloween

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