The Devil Inside

My alter ego.

Just Kidding Hahahaha!

I usually try to do a devil look every year, this one is my favorite. This is an easy and fun look to do! Honestly, anyone can really do it.

I started out by painting my whole face, neck and chest red. I try to not cover my eyes all the way so I can get a true eyeshadow color.

Then comes the smoky eye, I added a little bit of glitter in the corners to give it a little pop. I really like how that came out.

I did some black contouring and added black lips as well. I tried to give a simple chest look as well. Not what I was looking for so that means more practice lol.

Popped in some red contacts, added blood (duh), my black wig, and some devil horns to complete this look.

I know this was a short post but it was also a very simple look.


All Paint/Blood: Mehron

All Shadow/Shading/Lips: Jeffree Star Cremated

Contacts: TTD EYE

Devil Horns: Spirit Halloween

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