The Countess

Allow me to introduce myself…

My all time favorite show is hands down American Horror Story! I have been a die hard fan since the beginning. Hotel was such a complex season but it is really one of the best. Lady Gaga KILLS it, no pun intended, LOL.

This is basically just a glam look with blood all over it. I copied a photo of the countess that I wanted to re create, the best I could. Her eyebrows are basically non existent and platinum blonde. Obviously this was an issue for me.

The eyebrows literally took the longest out of everything, seeing as I needed to make my black bushes turn into pretty platinums. I glued them down about 6 or 7 times and covered them with translucent powder, topped off with concealer. This was not working for me. They were still really dark. So throughout the look I would come back to them and add concealer and foundation with an angled brush. It was quite frustrating.

Then I started on my eyes. This look is very plain and neutral. I took a light brown and covered my lid and then a dark brown and made the little wing and smoked it out. I put a white over the lid to blend it all together. No mascara or eyeliner or anything, from what I could see in her photo she did not have any on.

For the blood, I stippled paint first. A dark red. I used that as my base. Then I added stage blood. I like stage blood because it is really thick and usually stays where you put it for the most part.

To finish off this look I put on a white blazer, platinum wig, a glove and the finger cover ring. This look would not be complete without the ring. Also, NO CONTACTS! Yay! Her eyes were the same color as mine in this!


All Paint/Blood: Mehron

All Eyeshadow/Lips: Jeffree Star Orgy, VLL Unicorn Blood

Glove/Ring: Spirit Halloween

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