The Corpse Bride


Meet Emily, The Corpse Bride. One of my favorite Tim Burton Masterpieces!

Emily took me longer than usual, lol. I washed her all off once to start over and I also washed off every drawn on facial feature you see more than once. For some reason whatever I was drawing was not how I pictured it in my head. But oh, well, I got it done!

I began with a light blue base. When that dried I set it with SFX setting powder (NYX). Then I went in with a royal blue eyeshadow for contouring. I did my eyes and under my eyebrows first. Brought that down on each sides of my nose. For the rest of my face I contoured my cheeks a bit more dramatic than normal, my temples, chin, and forehead.

For my eyes I used a blue base and then blended the deep smoky blue over that. I liked how my two blues blended together. I left out my waterline and a little bit of my under eyes for the white part, the signature Tim Burton characteristic.

Now, usually you would glue down your eyebrows and paint the new eyebrows above them. WELLLLLLLLL, ya girl hasn’t had a chance to go get her brows threaded so they are too bushy to glue down and blend in. For this look I used my regular eyebrows and gave them Emily’s sad shaped ones. I think it worked just fine!

Lets talk about those lashes. Are you obsessed? Because I am! They came in a pack from Spirit Halloween and they were perfect for this look! I will definitely be using them for sally as well!

I added my finishing touches, her signature pink lips, the nose shape, and a little bit of detail on the chest so it wasn’t so bland.


All Body Paint: Mehron

All Shadow/Shading: Jeffree Star Jawbreaker

Lashes: Spirit Halloween

Contacts: TTD EYE

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