Sweet Transvestite

Frank N’ Furter

Welcome to the ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Come on, who doesn’t love the Time Warp??

This look did not take very long but making these TikToks were so fun!

I tried to recreate one of Tim Curry’s photos in this one.

First I took black eyeshadow and a brow brush and outlined from the tip of my brows down the bridge of my nose, copying my reference photo of the one and only.

Then I drew a line over my eyebrows. I filled in with a black shadow from crease to top of the line. Curry’s makeup is more translucent from crease to brow so I did not use a base. I blended that for a while. Then I went in with a black base for just my lids. Over that, a black shadow and also a glitter shadow.

Adding liner and lashes to finish the eyes. For my lips, I lined them with black liner and colored in all of my corners. Then just put the lipstick in the middle and rubbed my lips around. I wanted that dark ombre look.

After finishing up my face with contouring and highlighter and all that fun stuff I began the outfit. This was fairly easy as well.

I traced out my triangle and painted the mint all around it then filled that in red. Added some shading and my pearls and gloves!



All Paint: Mehron

All Eyeshadow/Shading: Jeffree Star Cremated

Lips: MAC

Pearls: Spirit Halloween

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