Originally, I was going to do a classic Frankenstein look, but this day I felt like using glitter. A simpler look of mine, but also glamourous!

I began with outlining the scars so I could go in with my green base. I like to do my base after mapping out the details so I can paint around them.

I filled in the red first and then used a sponge for the green base. The sponge takes much longer than using a brush, but the coverage is so much better and non-streaky.

My original plan was to use latex and attach real staples to my face but it was just not working out. I got extremely frustrated and decided to just paint on cartoon looking ones!

I used a gel glitter over my red paint in the openings and I love how that looks!

Added contacts and the fitting wig!


Paint: Mehron

Shadow: Jeffree Star Cremated

Face Sprinkles: Designer Dust Co.

Contacts: TTD EYE

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