One of the most unsettling horror movies in my opinion! Especially because it is set in 2022…….

ANYWAYS, this was a fun look to do, I actually used a tutorial by MADEULOOK on youtube. It was very helpful!

I put on my regular foundation first, and darkened it with some contour powder. Then I drew the circles around my eyes and filled them in with light brown eyeshadow. I then used a dark brown eyeshadow to give the circles more depth, and also a little bit of black too.

When I was happy with the eyes, I began the mouth. I painted my whole bottom lip plus a little extra, white for the teeth. Then I outlined the outside of that white with a pinkish colored blush and drew out a new mouth. I used my whole top lip and also over lined that.

Then comes the contouring. LOTS of contouring lol you have to look at a mask and see where you want the contours. They have a defined mouth line and big cheeks. So first, I did a light layer of eyeshadow to map it all out, then went in with a darker brown to fill it all in. I also added dark gray.

I used a dark brown shadow to cover some parts of mu face to differ from the skin tone of my chest, more mask-like.

I added blood spatter with red paint and a spoolie!


Paint: Mehron

Eye Shadow: Jeffree Star Orgy

Blush: MAC

Machete: Spirit Halloween

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