Have you noticed a re-occurring theme in my looks yet? AHS AGAIN! This time from Coven. Cordelia gets scorched with acid burns in and around her eyes and obviously I had to re create that.

I used Mehron’s 3D Gel for the first time for this. I’ll tell you right now that I used it wrong. I actually heated it up the slightest too much, so it would not completely dry. That is why it is so shiny, I couldn’t put powder over the stickiness.

BUT, it’s okay, it still looks awesome.

After heating up my gel (too much lol) I took my metal spatula and started just dripping it where I wanted. When some parts started to dry I would make little holes in the gel for dimension.

For the holes, I used a crème paint from a zombie kit from Spirit Halloween.

From that same kit I used a dark yellowish brown color and tapped it over the whole thing to give it that nasty burn look.

I did the bottom half of my face with regular makeup and my favorite Jeffree Star VLL in shade Hidden Hills. And also added the contacts!

I am very happy with these results.


3D Gel: Mehron

Zombie Paint: Spirit Halloween

Lips: Jeffree Star VLL – Hidden Hills

Contacts: TTD EYE

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