The Angry Princess

13 Ghosts

Who doesn’t love 13 Ghosts? In my opinion, one of the best movies out there. This look was not on my list until I had watched the movie last week. I may think of doing a 13 Ghosts Saga and doing all 13 of them. We will see!

I did all of the slashes first. Using my favorite method of liquid latex and cotton! Sometimes I do not like how the edges look with this method but I am all out of scar wax so this is what we get!

I painted the middles with dark red paint and then outlined them with purple and red eyeshadow. I like how the purple looks so I used more of that. Then I went over it with a tiny bit of black.

For my gray base, I painted that on with a sponge in a dabbing motion. I like how my chest is not “full coverage” that gives it some dimension. For more dimension I also dabbed black and gray eyeshadow all over. The eyes are a simple black eyeshadow smudged all over and the lips are the same except red. Now, I should have cleaned up the gray and then did my lips because as you can see, my lips are red and the smudges are purple from mixing with the gray but ya girl got a little lazy. IM SORRY! But if I do the 13 Ghosts collection I will totally add her in 🙂


Paint: Mehron

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween

Shadow: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar, Cremated

Contacts: TTD EYE

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