This look was SO MUCH FUN! I have been so over worked and tired lately that I fell behind on my 31 Days of Halloween makeup and actually ran out of pre-filmed looks. So I was freaking out a bit and was a little discouraged and annoyed at myself. I decided to sleep it off one day and then just pull an all-nighter, and bitch I’m BACK!

This Zombae is inspired by one of Raychel Roll’s looks. She did a half face and I decided to go full on all coverage.

I began by drawing out my spots, lines and teeth with a lip liner. Then I filled in all of the red and shaded it.

I left my eyes and eyebrows untouched so I could get whatever true color I decided to go with in the moment.

I was not too happy about my brows. I decided not to glue them down and to use my natural shape and quickly regretted it BUT it doesn’t look horrible. So, eh.

Before doing all of the green, I tackled the teeth. Teeth are not getting easier yet! I still need more practice. Look out for some teeth looks in the near future LOL!

Once I had all my details painted and shaded, I added the green. This took a pretty large hunk of time going around all of the details, but that method is so worth it.

Then I just added random contouring and lots of shading with a dark green eyeshadow!


Paint: Mehron

Shading/Eyes: Jeffree Star Blood Money

Lips: Jeffree Star Redrum VLL

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