Jagged O’ Lantern

This is my pumpkin look! I wanted to do an evil looking Jack O’ Lantern and she definitely looks evil.

I began with drawing out where I wanted the eyes, nose and mouth with a lip liner. I only did a rough outline because the edges are something I had to just do over the orange paint.

I painted the orange all over and left spaces for the black. When I filled in the black parts I randomly added extra lines everywhere. At first it looked really weird but then I got the hang of it and it started to look like the shape I wanted.

I used a dark orange eyeshadow to shade all around the black and make pumpkin looking lines. Originally I did not have black in the lines but I am glad I added them because it looks more prominent.

For the neck I just kinds winged it. I didn’t really know what I was going for lol. Then I thought my chest was too bare so I stippled Brown, Orange and Black paint all over. I like how that came out. Made me want to do a scarecrow look!

I added black contacts for a finishing touch!


Paint: Mehron

Shading: Jeffree Star Jaw Breaker

Contacts: TTD EYE

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