Meet Cleopatra, then AND NOW!

This was my first time trying out an eyeliner look, lets just say thank god I didn’t have to do both eyes! Lol!

I put down a gold base and blended a very light brown in the crease. Then II used my liquid brushstroke liner from MAC to do my wing and the little designs.

For the mummy side, I started by drawing out those damn teeth. I painted and shaded them in. Then I took cotton and liquid latex to add some texture to my decomposing skin. When that was dry, I took a dark brown eyeshadow and a small eyeshadow brush and did circular motions all over. I then topped that with brown and black paint. But I stippled all of that on with a sponge. I added some red spatter for…… fun 🙂

Then I just painted on my neck piece, added a contact, wig and head piece!


Paint: Mehron

Eyeshadow: Jeffree Star Androgyny

Eyeliner: MAC

Head Piece: Universal Studios (The Mummy Ride)

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