The..the..the..the..THE GRINCH

I am actually obsessed with how this came out. I literally could not decide between doing a Glam Grinch and a creepy bodypaint Grinch. I went with Glam because I want to practice that part of my skill set a bit more, boiiii I am glad I did! I got inspo from @illumin_arty (Tiffany) from Glow Up. She is amazing!

I started by painting my face all green and set that with SFX powder. Then I drew out the nose first because I wanted to be able to see where I was going to place the face wrinkles. I used a green eyeshadow that was a little darker than my paint for this so I could easily blend it in if I messed up.

Then, with an even darker green shadow, I did some of the shading and also went over the lines with black shadow to give it more depth. Then last were the white highlights to make it all pop.

On to the glam, I used a dark green eyeshadow for my base color and shaped it in a wing like shape. Then I blended it with black shadow to darken it up. I went in for the kill and decided to do a gold cut crease. I cut my crease with concealer and then packed on some gold glittler shadow. I used a liquid liner to finish up the top lid.

These lashes, UGH I LOVE THEM! I got them from Spirit Halloween on 50% off day and I wish I bought more. They are perfect for this look! I also added a set of more natural falsies on the bottom so my eyes would be even more dramatic.

The lips are a Velvet Trap Lipstick by Jeffree Star, I never used it before. The shade is Hot Commodity. I think it really brought the whole glam idea together.

Added my Wig, Hat, and Scarf wit the contacts and there you have it. Glam Grinch!


Paint – Mehron

All Shadow – Jeffree Star Cosmetics (Blood Money, Jawbreaker, Cremated)

Lips – Jeffree Star Cosmetics (Velvet Trap in shade Hot Commodity)

Contacts – TTD EYE

Lashes – Spirit Halloween

Highlighter – Jeffree Star Cosmetics (Extreme Frost in shade Sour Ice)

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