Do you want to build a Snowman?

Evil Snowman at your service! I am thinking I want to build one in my front yard to scare all the neighborhood kids LOL. This look was inspired by @fancyflutie, check her out!

I began with drawing my outline of the eyes, nose, mouth and chest. I absolutely despise doing white bases! I didn’t really have a choice seeing this is a snowman look haha. So, I got that over with first.

Then I filled in all of the black, then the scarf. I used a light and dark blue to shade foe this look and also added a royal blue to give the eyes a little more dimension.

I would like to learn a better way to do this style of eye. I am not a fan of my version so I will keep you updated about how I can find another tool for that.


Paint: Mehron

Shading: Jeffree Star Jawbreaker, Cremated

Lashes: Spirit Halloween

Contacts: TTD EYE **Whites of eyes are edited as I do not have sclera lenses yet**

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