Candy Cane

I had to do another candy cane look this year because my last one was so popular! Rhinestones are the trend right now, so I wanted to also add those in.

I started with the glam look first using a few different red shadows and white in the cut crease.

I broke my candy cane in half, I tried to lick the end to make it sharper but I got impatient so this is how it looks haha. I covered the bottom half in liquid latex and cotton and then added a layer of liquid latex to my face. This was a process because I had to keep adding layers of each and wait for it to dry in between.

While that dried, I tackled the rhinestones. I knew I wouldn’t be able to move so I added my wig and hat and blood so when I finished I could just take photos and film.

The rhinestones, I just cut how many rows I wanted and stuck them on my chest. I couldn’t move a muscle because they would fall off! I tried to get the strips into a candy cane pattern the best I could!


Eyes: Jeffree Star Blood Sugar

Lashes: Ardell

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween

Blood: Ben Nye

Rhinestones: Hobby Lobby

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