This look was……time consuming lol. I got the idea from Agnis Gore, check her out. I had absolutely no idea where to start with the christmas lights!

The first thing I did was paint black likes where I knew I wanted the lights to go. The I took liquid latex and cotton and layered those on the top and bottom of each line. This took a very long time to dry.

Once dry, I added foundation to the cotton so it would match my skin color, I then did some bruise shading with red and purple on top and around the edges. I used the same colors on my eyes. Looking at this look now, next time I would do a pretty glam look. I was going for a strangled look though.

Then came the lights. Maneuvering them was pretty difficult. I had the idea of cotton and liquid latexing them down, but I knew that was not going to work. I ended up literally wrapping them around my head like how it is “supposed” to look. Don’t worry, it wasn’t TOO tight haha!

I did cotton and liquid latex down two spots that kept sticking up. That was a battle. I think if I had an assistant fort this look it would have came out a bit better.

When I finally got the lights to stay in a decent spot, I added scab blood all around, also covering up any imperfections in my shading. I also added stage blood to drip effect.

Now, I had to work FAST with filming and taking photos because the lights were getting hot! I don’t know why I was surprised but it was just something I didn’t think about. An interesting experience to say the least.


Shadow: Jeffree Star Artistry Palette

Paint/Stage Blood: Mehron

Scab Blood: Ben Nye

Liquid Latex: Spirit Halloween

Lashes: Ardell

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