Frostbite Elsa

The cold never bothered me anyway……just today!

ELSA! One of my most favorite Disney characters. Obviously I had to put a twist on her, and what better than the one thing she is not afraid of?

I got my frostbite ideas from Mykie! Also one of my favorite youtuber’s.

I started with the glam makeup. I used a very light foundation and then covered my lids with a dark purple. For my lips I used a hot pink, I will post a glam shot at the end so you can see the difference in colors. I added face sprinkles to my eyes with lashes and that was pretty much it.

For the frostbite I took liquid latex and put it in random spots that I thought would look best. I did three layers. Then I picked out holes in each patch. Once that was all dry I covered all of the patches with black eyeshadow and filled in the holes with red eyeshadow.

Looking at the photo now, I like it but next time I will use blood.

I then took a teal eyeshadow and drew veins all over with a tiny detail brush.

The ice is rock candy. This part took FOREVER! It was so difficult getting the sugar to stick with the liquid latex.

I stuck the candy to my brows (after gluing them down!!!!), lashes, under my nose, tear ducts, and lips. I literally could hardly move to film or take photos because they kept falling off lol!


Jeffree Star: Beauty Killer, Blood Sugar, Jawbreaker, Velvet Trap – Hot Commodity

Designer Dust Co.: Face Sprinkles

Mehron: Body Paint

Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

Spooky Eyes: Contacts

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