This babe has some nuts to crack….LOL…Bad joke much?

I actually love how she came out! Nutcracker makeup has been trending, it was not on my initial list but I thought I would give it a whirl.

Everything is paint except for my eyeshadow and the stars.

I began with a brown and white smoky eye. Then I brought the white all the way down and out toward my nose. I was a little unhappy with the shape but I re-did it a few times and was over it, haha.

I glued my brows down so that when I went over them with brow liner it would look more textured like wood.

I went ahead and put on a full face of foundation and powder contour like I normally would. I went in with a bright pink and red eyeshadow for my cheeks.

I took a really small detail brush and made wood lines all over my face.

Then I outlined my outfit. I kept looking up inspo pictures and I used the most popular/simple design that I kept seeing. Added stars for fun.

Popped on my lashes and contacts, I am here for it!!!


Paint: Mehron

Shadow: Jeffree Star Orgy, Jawbreaker

Contacts: TTD EYE

Brows: NYX Lift & Snatch

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