Run run run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’M THE GINGERBREAD MAN! Or babe 🙂

This look was so detailed and tedious! Took about 6 hours. It is inspired by one of my favorite creators @khaleesiisaa!

Definitely had to glue down the brows for this one. I then drew out all of the bigger details like where the frosting would go, and the skull lines.

I filled in the brown first so I could cover the largest areas and have it done with. Now, usually I would do details first and then fill in after, but this look had way too many details that would be impossible for me.

I went in with a dark brown for the smaller features and also filled in the teeth and forehead white.

For the frosting I used 3D Gel. It was very goopy, but once dry, I could paint it white. I actually painted it while it was still a bit sticky (RIP to that brush lol), and then added the neon rhinestones to look like sprinkles.

The rhinestones alone took a whole hour! I painted on the rest of them.

Then I just took my time and added the little white details, with some mess ups inbetween.

I also added one of my cute bracelets as a headband!

I am wearing black contacts, but I do not have Sclera lenses yet so I edited the rest of my eyes 🙂


Paint/3D Gel: Mehron

Rhinestones: Lets Slay Cosmetics

Headband: Touchstone by Swarovski

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