A is for Avatar

Welcome to my ALPHABET SERIES! This is a series of looks that I will be doing for every letter of the alphabet. A is for Avatar!

I painted my whole face blue. I used my Mehron palette for this and there are three shades of blue. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use the darkest or medium shade. I ended up going with the medium, royal blue shade so I could make the lines on my face pop enough.

Once the blue was set, I went in with a beauty blender and the lightest blue shade to lighten up where you would usually wan to put concealer. I would suggest using a cream paint foe that part because it was very difficult to do with the water activated one.

I then went in and added the lines. I just googled photos from the movie and also some photos of how other people painted them. I used a dark blue eyeshadow and a small detail/shading brush. I used the least amount of shadow on the brush as was possible. I didn’t want the lines to be too harsh and I wanted them to look more blended and part of my face rather than on my face. I am happy how that came out.

Using the same dark blue eyeshadow foe the lines, I did my eyes as well. and also added a light blue and white glitter for that transition shade.

I did not glue down my brows for this look, I felt there was no need. So I just did my brows as I normally would.

For the nose contour, I had to make it as wide as possible, so I used my eyeshadow as a guide and connected that all the way down the nose.

Foe finishing touches, I added the pink nose and lips and then did all of the little white spots.


Mehron: Paradise Paints

TTD EYE: Contacts

Jeffree Star: Blue Blood, Rose Setting Powder, Cavity Highlighter

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