C is for Cheshire Cat

We’re All Mad Here

I wanted to re-create this look again because I was not happy with the last two. Well, my skills have improved since then. This look was a CHALLENGE. It is a very different style than I am used to. I’ve never really done an illusion look before. It is inspired by khaleesiisaa, check her out. Over-all I am happy with the results but if I ever do it again I would absolutely use different techniques than I did here.

Once again, I start out with using a white eyeliner pencil to outline the details. The most difficult thing was drawing the eyes. My placement was off. I drew them about 10 times. Seeing the final look, I still am not happy with the eye shape but it is what it is.

I was actually excited for the mouth because I really need to practice teeth. Teeth are my least favorite thing to paint. I will be doing many teeth looks this year because I would like to master them. I am happy with this mouth!

I filled in the green in the eyes and then worked on the teeth. Before doing the black, I painted all of the pink base. This is so the pink doesn’t mix with the black. Once the base was down, I finished up the mouth.

I used a few different shades of pink eyeshadow and a pointed fluffy blending brush for the pattern. I wanted dimension so I didn’t want to use just one color like I normally would.

THE FUR. I despise painting fur lol! I could not get that part right. I kept taking that off like the eyes. I used so many different brushes that I can’t even tell you which ones were the final use. I definitely want to do some more research on how to paint fur. I will let you know how that goes!


Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Pink Religion, Cremated

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