G is for Gargoyle

The literal first word that came to my mind for G in my alphabet series was Gargoyle. And I was not going to change it. I’ve always wanted a big house with many gargoyles. So this is a look that I got to do while thinking of my future goals.

Lets start with the horns. UGH! So, I knew I wanted horns, but I didn’t have any just lying around. I had to make them. If you watch my tiktok, I start out with different ones than in the final look. I hated the first pair I made. I used a cosmetic sponge, one of those cheap white ones. I cut it into a horn like shape and painted it in gray. It was awful, so ugly. I ended up stopping filming and got out my air dry clay. I quickly molded two horns and before they dried I stuck them to my head with liquid latex and then covered the edges in scar wax!

While that all dried, I put down my gray base. I took some time to work on the eyebrow illusion. I wanted it to look like my eyes were more sunken and my brow line was protruding. I think it came out pretty well! I did a lot of shading for this.

I also contoured my face and chest with a dark gray shadow and then some black over it to darken it up.

I am not a huge fan on how my cracks came out. I think they are a bit thick. If I ever do this look again I want to do more cracks, much thinner, and more blended. Not so harsh.

I took a stipple sponge with a dark green paint and randomly stippled to make it look like moss.

I also took my metal spatula and cut up the smooth wax I took so much time on the horns lol. I think the rougher the better for this look! I’m glad I did it.

The last thing I did was take a toothbrush with some white paint and spewed it all over my face and chest to get that stone look.


Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Cremated Palette

Ben Nye: Scar Wax

Crayola: Air Dry Clay

Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

TTD EYE: Contacts

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