Say hi to my Valentine’s Day Clown! What should her name be?

I was inspired by Ella Does FX for this look! She did a similar one and I put my own style to it.

To start I drew out the heart shape! Then I blocked out my brows. The pink paint went down for my base and I did a tiny bit of nose contour and added a dark pink eyeshadow for blush.

Then I did a smoky eye, I used black for the crease and a dark pink to blend it out and then on the lid blended in a beautiful bright shimmer pink.

A couple of things took me FOREVER. Lol. First was that mouth. For some reason I just could not get the shape right. I stopped counting after 10 so I probably did it about 20 times. It was very frustrating. I think the problem is that I don’t have lips to begin with, so I don’t even have a stencil or a guide, I have to free hand.

Then came the gems. Gems are a SUPER TREND in the makeup world right now so I had to add them. The gems alone took a few hours. I used lash glue to individually glue all of them in place.

For my neck, I dripped some pink paint and then added the gems on top, and obviously had to add the blood somewhere! I love how that tied it together.

I also took a tooth brush and spattered red all over my face for some texture and chest for blood spatter.


Mehron: Paradise Paints, Stage Blood

Jeffree Star: Pink Religion, Cremated, Cavity

TTDEYE: Contacts

Dental Distortions: Pennywise Teeth

Hobby Lobby: Gems

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