J is for Joker

Continuing on with the alphabet series, here is the Joker. I’ve done him in the past so I wanted to do a re-creation. I was torn on doing a full face paint or a full gore look. I decided to go with both.

For the paint side, I started with the mouth. If I have a look with teeth I always do the mouth first. For me, that is the most difficult part. I rough outline the mouth and then draw in all of the teeth. Then I go in with the white for teeth because if I mess up the shape I can always fix it with the gums and outline or shading.

I kind of wish I chose a different shape for the mouth but this is what it is! I then filled in the rest of my face with creme paint (I am still out of water activated paint UGH) and set it with translucent powder.

Then came the eyebrow and the eye. For the brow I just kind of went over my natural shape but made it thicker. And for my eye, I covered the lid and under with black eyeshadow and then scrunched my eye really tight so I could get a wrinkled look to go over. I also took a tiny brush and added enhancement wrinkles all over.

For the gore side, I covered my face with my color powder foundation, just to take away any imperfections of my own and start with a clean base. Then I used rigid collodion to make the scar on my mouth. I did about 3 or 4 layers to really tighten my skin around it. Once that dried I added a little bit of red eye shadow to make it look more like a scar/wound. For my eyes I just did a mixture of gray and dark red eyeshadow. I didn’t want too much because I want the eyes to go more towards the scar. I also contoured in gray and added some little veins in random spots.

I may want to do a full face gore joker, we will see around Halloween time!


Mehron: Creme Paint, Paradise Paints, Rigid Collodion

Jeffree Star: Artistry, Blood Sugar, Jawbreaker

TTD EYE: Contacts

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