Tale As Old As Time…

If you know me AT ALL, you know Beauty and the Beast is my favorite and I AM BELLE! Lol. My poor mother had to dress me as Belle for Halloween every single year when I was a kid. I even did sexy Belle in high school haha! ANYWAYS – I took a time machine back to the good old days and wanted to feel like myself again, so naturally, a Belle look helped with that. Don’t worry, I took a picture as regular Belle as well, will post below!

I knew I wanted to do something gory with this, a lot of people do “Beast” scratches or burned by Lumiere. I wanted something different. I went to one of my friends pages to get some inspo and there was a look she did for Christmas that I always wanted to try. She did a Candy Cane going from her forehead through her mouth out of her chin. So cool. I figured this would be a great time to try that concept! Her handle is @AGNISGORE – Check her out she is PHENOMINAL!

I started off with the glam side first. Belle doesn’t wear much makeup, so I went for a more natural look. Just a light brown shadow and a lighter shade on the lid. I added eyeliner for a more dramatic effect.

And yes, the dress is painted on, some people I guess do not know that I paint on 90% of my outfits!

I have a dead rose bouquet, duh what witch doesn’t? So I took one of the roses from that and literally just stuck it to my forehead with liquid latex. I then took some cotton and liquid latex to make it look like it went under my skin. Now, usually I would use scar wax but I ran out. I only have Synwax by Mehron and honestly do not like it. I am probably using it wrong, if anyone has any tips – DM ME!

I went in with some bruise colored eyeshadow and concealer to blend all of that in. For the chin I just liquid latexed the bottom of the stem and also added some cotton for support. Then I put foundation over that incase any white would show.

I cut another piece of stem and that is what I put in my mouth. Super uncomfortable, but way cool!

I also stuck some broken petals on my neck/chest, cause you know, enchanted rose!


Grip Primer/Liquid Liner: E.L.F.

Double Wear Foundation: Estee Lauder

Infallible Concealer/Pressed Powder: L’oreal

Orgy/Blood Sugar/Androgyny VLL: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Lashes/Highlighter: MAC

Contour Age Rewind: Maybelline

Matte Brows: NYX

Liquid Latex/Belle Bun Wrap: Spirit Halloween

Paradise Paints: Mehron

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