Winter is coming…..

Game of Thrones White Walker

This look haunts me. It has haunted me for a year. Why you ask? Because I have attempted to film this look 4 times. I bought these contacts specifically for it too. I just could not get it right. I am happy how this came out but I want to also re create it sometime in the future. I was actually inspired by a friend to do this look. He made up a GOT rap and it is quite amazing, like all of his work. Check him out here: @iam_thorb

I started out with gluing down the brows and outlining some wrinkle lines and the eyes. I used a brown eyeshadow and a small brush to do this instead of my normal white eyeliner because my base had to be white.

Once I had some lines to work with I filled in with a white creme paint – yes I am still out of my regular paint UGH lol. Then I set that baby with LOTS of powder.

Using creme paint for this look was actually helpful because of all the lines I wanted to make. I kept using the same brush over and over with a tiny bit of gray shadow on it and it smoothed out great. Almost looks like a smoothing photo effect!

I filled in my eyes with black and also did some deep contouring. I tried to make the black darker on the top of the cheek contour to try and make it look like the cheekbones were sticking out and then sunken in. IDK did it even work? Haha.

I added a little bit of blue highlighter to the cheeks and nose to pop it a bit more as well.

Now, these contacts actually are UV and supposed to glow with black light, and they do. But my stupid phone is old and the photos came out like an old MySpace pic.

All in all this was fun, took me HOURS and check out the video on my Tiktok I used Thorb’s song!


Mehron: Creme/Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Artistry Palette/Gag Me Extreme Frost

Spooky Eyes: UV Contacts

Makeup Revolution: Translucent Powder

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