Gemma Teller Morrow

The first of my TV series, one of my all time favorites, Sons of Anarchy. Gemma Teller Morrow.

I am so excited for this series. It will be 4 parts. The video will have two looks, how I started the series and how it ends!

Sorry for the spoiler, but if you haven’t watched it yet, are you even going to anyways?? LOL!

For Gemma I obviously had to do her infamous tattoo. I looked it up and was like how the hell am I going to draw that. So I decided to use my eyebrow pen. I was originally going to use a small brush with black paint but I thought the color would be too harsh. With the brow pen it made it look a little more older and warn. I am happy with that result!

For the bullet hole I used spirit gum and scar wax. This was actually really easy for anyone who would want to do this for Halloween.

As usual, I put down my spirit gum waited for it to get tacky, and then rolled up a ball in the size I wanted the bullet hole to be. Then I stuck the ball to my head and started to smooth the edges down with my spatula and Vaseline. For the middle, I poked a hole and made it larger and also took the sharp side of the spatula to mess it up and make that part jagged.

The outside of the bullet hole I used bruise colors like a deep red/purple eyeshadow and just tap tap tapped. For the inside of the hole I used black paint for depth and then the jagged parts are coveres in a bright red shadow. To top it off, BLOOOOOOOOD! And let it drip drip drip (Encanto Reference haha).

I also tried making my lips look a little gray, you know, cause dead, lol. Easy Peasy!


Mehron: Stage Blood

Ben Nye: Scar Wax

Spirit Halloween: Spirit Gum

Jeffree Star: Cremated, Blood Sugar

NYX: Brow Lift and Snatch

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