Daenerys Targaryen


Second in my TV Series, Game of Thrones!

Now, I have something to admit. I did not finish this series. I made it to a certain point and stopped watching because I had a hard time understanding what they were talking about LOL. I do want to try again, maybe I can use subtitles this time haha. ANYWAYS…..

Here we have the infamous Dragon Queen! I wanted just the dragon eye originally but I had to add the heart scene as well, how could I not?

This makeup look was extremely simple. I really just did some contouring, I didn’t even use eyeshadow for my eyes, just contour.

For the dragon eye:

I made the scales out of air-dry clay. I let them sit for two days and then painted them red. To put them on my face I attached them with liquid latex and cotton. I only used cotton on the larger pieces because they are heavy and I needed something for them to hold on to.

I then decided to add scar wax on my top brow over the scales. Without it, it literally just looked like I attached clay to my eyebrow lol. I wanted to smooth it out and give myself a protruding brow bone so this worked. I also covered the wax in liquid latex so I could paint over it.

Now, Originally I wanted to paint in between the scales and on my eye but then I thought that would be too dark. Instead I took a black eyeshadow and tapped all over and also smudged a bit. I wanted it to look more on the ashy side.

For the Heart:

I used this heart over Christmas time (Last Christmas I gave You My Heart). I made it out of air-dry clay as well. I took stage blood and stippled it all over my mouth, neck, and chest. Then (with the help of mom, thanks mom!), I covered my hand/arm and the heart in the blood. Now, the blood that I use is not the liquid blood you buy at Halloween time. I use stage blood which looks more realistic and is THICCCCCC and does not dry, hence why I needed some assistance. I think it came our great!


Jeffree Star: Cremated

NYX: Brow Lift and Snatch

Crayola: Air Dry Clay

Ben Nye: Scar Wax

Mehron: Stage Blood

Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

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