The Bent-Neck Lady

The Haunting of Hill House

This. This was SO MUCH FUN! Now, I am nowhere near the amazing work of Robert Kurtzman but I had a grand time re-creating!

I started out with the (broken neck). I used liquid latex and cotton balls.

Fun back story: I shaved my neck where I wanted to add the cotton because every time I use liquid latex it hurts like a BITCH to get off when I have baby hairs. I used one of my shaving cremes and then I went to start and I got the perfect shape and it wouldn’t stick because the shave crème made my skin all silky smooth, so I had to get up again and scrub the heck out of my neck. LOL okay now on…

I kept building the cotton on top of each other until I got the shape I was looking for. I then added some foundation all over it. I went on to cover my whole face in a white/gray mix of paint all over. I didn’t want to be completely gray but stay a tiny more skin toned as she looks in most parts of the show.

Then I went in with the black. I did some contouring, added smoke to my eyes, and also ran some over the neck area. I also took a crumbles up tissue and dipped it in paint to dab on my chest.

I took another piece of cotton and pulled it apart for my forehead veins. Some of the veins are 3D with the cotton and some are eyeliner, can you tell which is which??

I then (my favorite part) took a toothbrush and dipped it in two shades of brown paint, light and dark, and went HAM. Just sprayed it all over. Honestly I could have probably used a little more. Oh well!

Finishing touches include – Latex on my lips and some black and gray eyeshadow, some black brow pomade in my teeth, and the contacts! What do you think of my work? Let me know!!


Spirit Halloween: Liquid Latex

Mehron: Paradise Paints

Jeffree Star: Cremated

ABH: Brow Pomade

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